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Effectively marketing and selling properties requires many steps, all well executed in a coordinated fashion. The details are seemingly endless and the road to closing a transaction is filled with many obstacles and potholes. Our job is to expertly guide our clients to the finish line. A simple concept yet one you want professional managing. We strongly believe that a systematic, detailed, and strategic marketing plan places our clients in the most advantageous position. The following pages describe what we do to prepare, market, negotiate, and sell your home at its premium price.

Selling Approach

Initial Consultation

  • Evaluate current market data
  • Property tour
  • Develop a pre-marketing plan of action
  • Determine the most favorable terms for you as the seller
  • Complete listing paperwork

Market Preparation

  • Review enhancement checklist
  • Hire professional stager and manage coordination
  • Schedule photo shoot
  • Create a virtual tour
  • Floor plan creation
  • Review and execute 86 home enhancement checklists


  • Coming Soon campaign strategy
  • Print campaign creation
  • Digital campaign creation
  • Clean up exterior landscaping
  • Windows wash
  • Deep clean and de-clutter interior
  • Touch-up paint
  • Curb appeal assessment
  • Tune up all mechanicals


  • Staging
  • Professional photoshoot
  • Video shoot
  • Matterport shoot
  • Photo review and edit
  • Brochure creation
  • Postcard creation and mailing
  • Coming Soon campaign launch
  • Print campaign creation launch
  • Digital campaign creation launch


  • Finalize price
  • Office presentation
  • Pre-market broker tours
  • Go Live
  • Syndication to all real estate platforms
  • Open house strategy finalized
  • Strategic event launch
  • Showing request management
  • Monitor interest and market demand

Property Exposure

  • Optimized Real Estate Syndication
  • Strategic Web Advertising and Digital Strategy
  • Award-Wining Photography
  • Local Publication Penetration
  • National and International Exposure
  • Direct Mail Campaigns
  • Strategic and Effective Events
  • Impactful Print and Brochure Pieces
  • Recognizable signage Implementation
  • PR Team Efforts
  • Strategic Office and Industry Exposure

Contract Management

  • Strategize for multiple bid situations
  • Increase leverage in favor of the seller
  • Guidance on selecting the most qualified buyer
  • Handle contract administration
  • Order title
  • Coordinate home inspection
  • Manage appraisal process
  • Facilitate closing


  • Collect all necessary documentation
  • Handle earnest money account management
  • Coordinate walk-through and closing appointments
  • Help you find a new home!

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"I am here to act as the captain of the ship, navigating the market in the most effective way possible to get our clients the highest price in the shortest amount of time. We only have one chance to make a great first impression."

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Enhancing Your Property

Most sellers skip this step thinking the market will generate a great price. The truth is that buyers pay for what they see. They pay for the life they can imagine in your home. They will even overpay for what they love. I provide you with an in-depth checklist to generate maximum interest and minimal speed bumps. Merchandising your home to increase its marketability. This is not how you live in a home, it is how you sell a home to get the highest sale price. We work with Interior design consultants to either refresh and perfect the look of occupied homes or stage unoccupied homes in ways that will maximize online presence and leave an impact during showings. We want to create a space that will allow buyers to envision themselves living in the home while capturing your home’s finest selling points. We provide our sellers with an 86 point checklist on how they can enhance the value of their home before selling.

Selling Approach Timeline

We market your home in a very unique and strategic way to set the stage for success. We do far more than simply take photos and post your home on MLS as quickly as possible. It pays, in the form of a higher sales price, to properly prepare to go to market. Every step below is executed with the highest level of quality and consistency to convey value to potential buyers. When you list your home for sale, you are running a small business. Everything matters if you want top dollar. We take every step to create a demand and a buzz.

We Simply Do More.

Pricing Strategy

Our goal here is to give you enough data to sort through, if you wanted, without giving you too little to come to your own conclusion. Please remember that while we will give you a fair market value assessment, the determination of the list price is solely yours. We support the decision that you make.


Guiding your real estate transaction involves countless steps along the way. While tending to every detail to ensure we stay on the proper course, I am keenly focused on efficient yet valuable communication to ensure you are fully aware of each step taken and every upcoming step. My commitment to communication, organization and follow-through ensures that deadlines are met, documents are distributed properly, and every item is in place to make your transaction efficient and seamless.

We Capture the Attention Your Property Deserves.


The company you choose to represent your home provides great insight into the quality level of the home. It is a clear sign to buyers how well the home was cared for, the level of finishings in the home, and the type of service, professionalism, and experience they should expect from the broker representing the property. Sotheby’s International Realty has an International brand reputation for the highest level of service, ethics, professionalism, and trust. Sotheby’s is rated the most respected and most ethical real estate company in the world.

You should pick the broker who can get you the highest price for your home. You are paying a commission for expertise and a strategy to get the highest possible price in the shortest amount of time.

We are a full fee advisory team with a 6% asset disposition rate.

You are not shopping for flights, you are strategically managing the disposition of your biggest asset. I pride myself on hitting client goals, targeting price windows, setting clear expectations, delivering on promises, and providing value by solving problems. 85% of the properties are sold by 15% of the brokers. Those 15% don’t adjust their commission for a reason, they are truly able to provide more value than their commission because of their expertise and strategy. Rather than comparing brokers on who tells you the highest price and lowest commission, start comparing by who actually delivers and works as a member on your team in the transaction. Are you looking for a trusted advisor with proven results or someone who just tells you what you want to hear? A price drop request from a broker who originally told you a higher starting price will overcome any commission savings. To get top dollar, you need the top company, top marketing and top preparation.

We market your home in a very unique and strategic way to set the stage for success. We do far more than simply take photos and post your home on MLS as quickly as possible. It pays, in the form of a higher sales price, to properly prepare to go to market. Every step is executed with the highest level of quality and consistency to convey value to potential buyers. When you list your home for sale, you are running a small business. Everything matters if you want top dollar. There is a reason you see some homes fly off the market and others that sit with multiple price reductions before it sells.

Sotheby’s has the strongest online marketing presence of any real estate company with a network of hundreds of  websites including NYT, WSJ, LRE, Realtor.com, Zillow, and Trulia with exclusive partnerships with 4 of the top 12 most frequented sites and maximized (paid) advertising on each of the other 8. We use geo-tracking efforts to identify who is moving to the area based on online activity with associated ads directing people to Sothebys.com. We market all our listings on feeder market websites via ads that follow people around the internet. We have an exclusive app, SIR mobile, which is the only luxury real estate source that works anywhere and searches globally.

Syndication can be done the cheap way, via MLS, or the better way. A listing syndicated with Sotheby’s allows your listing to show up before others, with larger photos and with more information on your property. The MLS does the same thing for every member and thus, your property will look the same as other listings if you go with a different brokerage. In other words, it will not stand out in a sea of online housing listings. When we syndicate our listings to nearly 200 online platforms, we are able to run our own macro analytics on these efforts to identify where the online traffic is coming from. 8 of the top 14 sites are not reached via MLS alone.

In today’s market, everyone has their own definition of what it means to be “International”. For us, it means having over 1,075 offices in 81 countries and territories worldwide with more than 26,000 sales associates. When you consider that 56% of all people shopping for luxury homes in the United States live outside of the U.S., this is very important. It’s the reason we have exclusive relationships with high-profile foreign print media and highly trafficked internet destinations. It’s also the reason our website allows people to view every single listing in 20 different human-translated languages with currency conversion into over 55 different currencies.

Sotheby’s creates targeted Facebook ads to potential buyers with continual social media advertising (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram) to those that are most likely to buy. Additionally, we will create ads strategically directed towards buyer groups who would be interested in your type of home.

Your home will never be presented better or exposed to more people unless it is listed with Sotheby’s. We have International marketing teams who monitor the most effective marketing efforts to implement as our minimum level of exposure for all listings. We have complex analytics which allow us to see where online views of your property originate and then leverage that information. Nearly every buyer starts their search online so keep in mind, “ web appeal is the new curb appeal.” We advertise your home in all the right places and those that competitors can never have access to.

We take every opportunity to drum up interest in your property. This means that we include a Coming Soon campaign with listings, and launch in a standard day-of-the-week strategy that almost every other listing follows to be sure to be consistently presented to as many eyes as possible.

Sotheby’s has an internal photography department with photographers on staff with incredibly high quality standards. Web appeal is the new curb appeal and photography is the #1 reason a buyer chooses to tour a property. Having staff photography teams means we control everything, produce only A+ quality photos, and have access to analytics nobody else can. We know which photos are viewed most often, who views them, and where they live in the world so we can track where to place additional marketing dollars.

Yes. Open houses are not just something we do on a whim. These are planned, scheduled, aggressively advertised, highly promoted events with a process to produce results. We will have a neighborhood preview event, launch events, city-wide open house events and continual open houses during the listing period.

Every print piece displays your home with strategic efforts towards quality and consistency. It provides a perceived higher level of value for your home. We market in an extraordinary and targeted manner with consistent quality conveying value. Full color print marketing pieces will be produced and distributed in a very strategic manner.

A Sotheby’s sign does not go in front of anything other than an A+ property. We know what it takes to push the price in your specific micro market. When someone drives by the blue sign, they know the home will be worth touring. All drive by calls go to me as I know the most about the house, not my assistant, not an answering service, not a general office number.

When a buyer wants to tour a property we know that every effort has to be made to accommodate. Our clients are well-prepped to understand the showing culture in Denver so we do not miss an opportunity. We can track everything; when showings occur, what price point is getting the most activity, which neighborhood is slowing down, etc. It is often an industry inconvenience when the showing process becomes challenging for a buyer broker. We make it seamless, effortless, and a pleasure to show a Sotheby’s home.

Sotheby’s brokers are International Real Estate Advisors. If a Sotheby’s client is relocating to Denver from London, we help make a seamless transition to their new home in Denver. We are a global company with global reach. We have a 10+ person relocation team dedicated to making capturing companies that are moving executives to Denver. We are the #1 global relocation team in the world controlling the vast majority of all corporate relocation into Colorado.

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