November Opportunity of the Month

Mckinze Casey November 8, 2023

The biggest opportunity for buyers in today's market is....

Seller Concessions

Last month, 60% of transactions included a "seller concession." def. the seller provides a portion of their proceeds to the buyer to use towards closing costs or prepaid lender fees (i.e. rate buy down!)

This allows the buyer to leverage the additional cash for future flexibility. 

Then vs. Now

<1% of all transactions included a seller concession VS 60% of all transactions included a seller concession

Real Life Application

Today, here are how our clients are taking advantage of this opportunity:

1) OFFER - Including a concession request, in section 4.2 when offering on a property, to use towards covering closing costs and pre-paids, as allowed by lender.

2) TEAM WORK - Work with your lender to understand how much $ is needed in a concession to lower your monthly payment to a more comfortable number.

3) LIQUIDITY - Use the seller concessions towards transaction costs to ensure more $ remains in your pocket for upgrades or that fun new couch you have had your eye on.


Stay tuned for next month's opportunity...

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